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Grand Cayman and other things...


Dear Mom,

So there is a large part of me that thinks you would be having a little nervous fit right now! The four of us just finished the closed water diving training, and have only the four open water dives left before we are all certified SCUBA divers! Can you believe it? I bet you can't!! Ainsley is just a natural. A little fish. We keep joking that she has gills underneath her wet suit. Sarah was nervous to start, but I think she was kind of picking up on Todd's anxiety. Once the instructor worked with her, she was just amazing. Todd hates clearing his mask and isn't sure he loves it, and I'm just hanging out hoping my ears will equalize! :) But Dad seems excited that we are doing it, and that he will have some dive buddies. And that makes me really happy. 

Only 10 more days until Cayman. Packing has begun, preparations in full swing. Feels a little hollow without you, and I fear I'll just spend all the time crying, but then again, I feel like crying all the time now so what's the difference! Eh? I know you would be so upset that we are so upset, but what can we do? Dad says we are honoring your memory by doing things  you loved and that we loved doing together, so on we go. Sarah said she would go to the orchid show with me -- that will be fun. Not the same though. 

In other news, made it through my interview. Fingers crossed, I think it all went well. Other candidate is coming in this week, so we shall see. I gave it my best shot, so no regrets there. Thom said I might hear the results before spring break. If it is good news, I hope I do! If not, when I return home will be soon enough! Ha! No sense being upset about that too. 

Dad is doing well, I think. House is too quiet, but I feel that way too. We spent all weekend there, and it was fun. Filled the house with mess and noise. All good things, I think. Watched a movie, had take-out food. Good stuff. I even tried to make the beds before we left, so it wasn't a total disaster. I bet I left a glass or two behind though, as per usual. Don't want to try to change too much... :)

Well, it's almost midnight, and I should get to bed. I think about you all the time. Sarah and I both dreamed of you this weekend... me on Friday and her on Saturday. We were talking, you told me you were OK. I wanted to know what heaven was like and you said it was kind of like here only easier. You kept having to leave, because you told me you were doing things with Sarah. You had a few necklaces in your hand -- a gold one and one with small pearls. Said you were cleaning them for her. Then you got on an elevator and were gone for a while. Came back to see me again before I woke up. Then the next night, Sarah dreamed you brought her some necklaces and that you hugged her. Perhaps it wasn't just a dream?? I certainly want to believe so. 

All right. Time for bed. Miss you more than you can imagine. Love you forever. 




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