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February 2016

Now it's Febuary

Dear Mom,

Well, we made it to February. It's a little more than two months since you went on to the next adventure and we miss you. I think about you all the time... and know you are still with me. I saw Dad in the city this week -- we had dinner at the Oyster Bar and then stayed in (we both had meetings in the city the next day) at the Fitzpatrick. Dinner was delicious -- we both had the oyster pan roast and raw ones for an appetizer. Their horseradish was very strong! You would have loved it. Several times we both got it up our noses and much sniffling ensued! Good for a laugh, for sure. After dinner, we hung out at the bar, over wine and some scotch. Good talk and made me feel better. 

The girls are doing well -- Ainsley and I worked on her science fair project last weekend and it looks really terrific. She did such a good job -- you would be very proud. We are going to practice a lot before the actual fair in two weeks, so some stupid judge doesn't make her feel bad about what she says or does. I'm still fuming about last year, as you well know. 

Sarah and I are going to work on hers this weekend... I'm still crossing my fingers and praying to whatever the patron saint of plants is that SOMETHING works. So many trials and attempts.... She has such a good attitude about it though. I'm glad of that. But I am still hoping for a sprout or two to be able to show off. Otherwise, lots of talking about what didn't work! We joked at dinner tonight that she could introduce herself as the "great destroyer of all plant life" -- and got a good giggle out of it. Seriously, we have mangled many a plant in our attempts to propagate and graft. My bets are still on the hibiscus to come through for us. If you can put in a good word, I'd appreciate it! :)

Heard a little about my job. I think I'll be interviewing later this month. Maybe it will be all done before we go to Cayman... or at least have a better idea of what will happen. As I said to Dad, either we will be celebrating or drowning our sorrows in the sea and sand.... (and I bet, just a little wine!) Ha!!

We are all signing up for the scuba lessons to see if we can get certified before we go. Had fun the other week and so are going to make a go of it, I think. Ainsley and I for sure are, and Sarah and Todd are deciding. Sarah is excited about the idea of a pink wetsuit and she and Papa had a good conversation last weekend about it and what kind of dives we might do in Cayman. I think she'll do the class at least, and then make up her mind. 

I'm thinking we will start "packing" next weekend -- getting out the prep table and laying out outfits, suntan lotion and such. The girls need new bathing suits -- I'm hoping Target will put some out soon. They may have some out already -- I just haven't been in to look. Been a busy week; tons of meetings and lots of things sitting on my desk. I'll work on it this week. Also need to get the links put in my/your watch. You had such delicate wrists! :) Sigh. Wish it was still on it. It is beautiful though... I'm doing my best to take good care of it. 

Well, I guess that's it for the moment. We are hanging in there. I wish we could be talking in person. I would like very much to hear your voice and your laugh and your responses. I suppose I can hear your responses in my head though... at least for some of it. 

Ok. Enough for now -- I've made it almost all day without crying. Only one "tear up" when Sarah and I were talking about how you would call her the Cotton Ball. Not bad for me! I'll go now then, and rest. 

Miss you so much it hurts.

Love you,