One little word for a new year
Now it's Febuary

So much for that resolution!

Dear Mom,

All right, so number one on my list hasn't been going so well. It's been a more difficult and "time-consumed" month than I expected. Lots of work. Long days. The girls had midterms and I was committed to working with them every night. Todd got sick - not sick like two years ago, but sick enough to cause major disruptions. And so, each night when I meant to write, I was too tired, or just emotionally not up to it.

But, I can say that I've worked hard on looking for love and sharing love as best I know how, which was my ultimate goal anyway.

We've planned a vacation with dad to go to Grand Cayman and that is going to be good. There will be a fair amount of crying, to be sure, but it will be good. We are even thinking about all getting certified to dive -- can you believe it?? I know, I know -- you can't imaging me doing anything but sitting on the beach reading or watching the girls or just staring at the waves. Don't worry! I'm sure to do a lot of that too. But I'm not sure how well I'm going to do not being with you -- sitting with you -- reading and chatting and laughing with you. Taking our walks. To say I'm going to miss you being there is the understatement of the century.

I'm tring to help us keep going -- to miss you and love you and celebrate you -- but still move on and make new memories.

People are being so kind -- you would be amazed. Lots of love, once again. Friends at work who are helping me get through -- and I truly hope Dad has the same at his work.

I keep checking in on him; I'm trying to hard not to "hover" or be a nag or anything. But I can't not check in or try and spend as much time as I can with him. I send him little text messages every night to make sure he is home safe and sound. And he always replies, no matter how late. It's good -- we are making our own new routine.

He is going to see Matt next weekend. I'm glad about that too. I know Matt is super exicted to see him. They are going dog sledding!! I know you always wanted to do that -- I hope you can somehow be there in spirit form.... you can, can't you? I think so. And because I think so, please help him to not fall off! Or not to hurt himself, OK? Let's not have another water skiing bruise, eh? :)

All right, that's about it for now. The puppy, dear Kipper that is, is currently tearing apart of big cardboard box and I think I need to go and rescue it. Or clean up the mess. Or both. And it's almost time to go and get the ladies from play practice. I don't think I told you -- Sarah is playing Toto and Ainsley is a barrister and a flying monkey! Going to be lots of fun.

Love you mom. I'll write again soon. Bear with me as I find my sea legs again.



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