Feb 14, 2014 - big snow part 2

It's been a while...

I needed a break. I had been blogging in this space for several years, and needed a break. This space held, as the title suggests, moments of my life -- mostly photos, but also words + stories. The girls got busier. I got busier. And the time I had to journal became less and less. Surely, I could have found time. But something had to give, and this was it. 

But this year ended with something catastrophic and I need to come back. Want to come back. I need a place to write and share and virtually yell and scream. I need a thing to help me as a cope and grieve. So, here I am. Bear with me, you who might stumble upon this space. As Joan Didion wrote, this may be a year of magical thinking. 


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